Top Web Design Statistics

Below are the “Get Free Web Designs” current Top 10 statistics which are collected in real time and update on this page once an hour.

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General Template Statistics

We currently have 1098 free XHTML and CSS templates available for download.

Total template downloads: 435,509


Top Web Template Contributors

  1. metamorph contributed 206 designs
  2. newyorklasik contributed 121 designs
  3. wfiedler contributed 97 designs
  4. coollew contributed 57 designs
  5. Reality Software contributed 45 designs
  6. blogliber contributed 44 designs
  7. graystatic contributed 35 designs
  8. Arcsin contributed 31 designs
  9. NickyD contributed 29 designs
  10. Coldfire Design Studio contributed 28 designs


Most Downloaded Designs

  1. Hot Pink (mlpdesign08) by MLP Design (3,176 downloads)
  2. Blue Biz by Sean (2,736 downloads)
  3. Free Hotel Website Template by TemplateMonster (2,693 downloads)
  4. Daleri Single by Andreas Viklund (2,685 downloads)
  5. Simple Web Design by Coldfire Design Studio (2,668 downloads)
  6. Pro Blue Business by Sean (2,517 downloads)
  7. Super Clean Template by Sean (2,113 downloads)
  8. twitter.ific by DENiAL (1,382 downloads)
  9. photography_1 by dcarter (1,375 downloads)
  10. Design Studio by Coldfire Design Studio (1,206 downloads)


Most Downloads Per Day (Average)

  1. Hot Pink (mlpdesign08) by MLP Design (1 downloads per day)
  2. Simple Web Design by Coldfire Design Studio (1 downloads per day)
  3. Free Hotel Website Template by TemplateMonster (1 downloads per day)
  4. Blue Biz by Sean (1 downloads per day)
  5. Daleri Single by Andreas Viklund (1 downloads per day)
  6. Pro Blue Business by Sean (1 downloads per day)
  7. Super Clean Template by Sean (1 downloads per day)
  8. photography_1 by dcarter (0 downloads per day)
  9. twitter.ific by DENiAL (0 downloads per day)
  10. Gallerize by Reality Software (0 downloads per day)