User Account FAQ’s

I just made a few small updates to our help and FAQ page, so I figured a blog post was in order.

Basically the new FAQ information has to do with user account registrations on Get Free Web Designs, so for those who read our blog, I’ll detail it here as well.

We are going to start pruning our user database on a regular basis. If you register an account on GFWD’s and don’t submit any designs within the first 30 days of having your account, it will be removed.

So why are we adding this policy to GFWD’s? Because you don’t need an account to download our free XHTML and CSS design templates.

However, if you register a user account and submit designs, your GFWD account will never be removed since you have designs available for download.

Be sure to check our FAQ page on a regular basis for more updates.

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