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Reseller Hosting For Designers:

If you own a web design agency or if you are a web designer with clients under you, then the concept of reseller hosting may not be new for you.

In addition, entrepreneurs looking for a profitable hosting business, also go with reseller web hosting. That said, let us look at some basics of reseller hosting and see how this can benefit you.

In general, web design agencies opt for a good reseller hosting account. Here are a few reasons how this can benefit you:

  1. Provide hosting with your name, your name servers etc. Branded hosting.
  2. Billing that includes automatic collection of due amount from customer credit card.
  3. Control panel for each of your client.
  4. Allot preset Disk space and bandwidth for each client.
  5. You focus on business and design aspects while your data center operator (from your “parent hosting” company- referred as “parent” henceforth in this article) maintains your infrastructure and hardware for you.
  6. Remember, you always face the client direct and for your clients you run the hosting company and provide them support. But you always have support and backing from your parent company and can resolve issues amicably.

These are only some of the benefits of reseller hosting. Basically you can purchase a good reseller hosting account, brand it with your business name and start a hosting company pretty easily.

Many web designers successfully run a hosting business this way. You can rent or lease an entire server from a hosting company or purchase blocks of shared hosting.

Usually when you first start out, you will go with a shared hosting reseller account to keep costs down and once you become more successful with more paid hosting clients, you can go for a dedicated web server.

With cost of reseller hosting accounts so affordable, this is really a good solution for web designers with clients or web design agencies, not only for convenience and branding, but also for an extra revenue source.

With excellent best web hosting companies out there, you can find a very reliable reseller hosting company by doing good research. Happy hosting!

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