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I just wanted to let the Get Free Web Designs (GFWD) Open Source Web Design community know that we are now a Google Page Rank 7 (PR7) which is awesome! We were sitting at a PR5 for quite sometime but thanks to the continued use and support from the GFWD’s community, we keep moving up in the rankings.

Having a PR 7 is great news. We are finally becoming a top notch web design and template provider, but having a PR7 also helps our community of web designers and graphic artists who submit web templates to the site and getting the word out. Again, thank you for your continued support. We greatly appreciate everything you do.

In other news as of this blog post, Get Free Web Designs now have 673 approved free XHTML and CSS web templates available for download.

In the coming months, we’ll have some new features added to the site and also to our community forum. Just because the blog is not updated daily (or weekly) doesn’t mean things are not being worked on around the site. As the old saying goes, “no news is good news”.

Basically it’s just a matter of balancing real life work and running an Open Source Web Design community. I think we’ve got a pretty nice balance at the moment but as time goes on, updates will become more frequent on the blog.

In closing, keep those design submissions coming, continue to use our community forum and spread the word about Get Free Web Designs.

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