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GFWD’s is moving forward at a nice steady pace which is nice, so while it’s on my mind I wanted to offer up some minor suggestions to help the open source template designers get the most publicity for their open source web designs.

Currently we show 12 designs on the home page. When you submit your designs, only submit 2-4 at a time, wait a week or so, then submit a couple more if you have them and keep repeating this process, that way you’ll get a lot of home page exposure and publicity over time and not just one big push.

I only bring this up because in the past a lot of designers thought it would be good to get all their designs up at once. That’s great if you want to add some templates and never look back, but for better SEO and top exposure of your awesome design work, keep my suggestions in mind.

The idea of Get Free Web Designs is to get you and your creative web design work the most exposure possible and with my suggestions, that will defiantly happen.

Keep up the great work everyone and thank you again for all your support.

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