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After approving 500+ submissions on Get Free Web Designs to date and giving each designer some advice on how to get the most exposure for the design templates they submit, I figured it was time for a blog post on the subject.

We are really thankful for all the support the Open Source Web Design community gives GFWD’s. Many designers submit multiple designs which is great, however if you submit them all back to back, you won’t get extended home page exposure.

My advice is to submit one design, wait a few days (2-3), then submit another design and so forth, that way you will get good exposure on the home page as well as the inner design pages over time and not just one big push when you submit designs.

For SEO and better download counts, don’t forget to add tags to your designs when you submit them. Tags like “clean design” or “professional business layout” are just a couple examples to use.

So “what if” you forgot to add tags when you submitted your designs? Don’t worry because you can edit your design submissions from your GFWD dashboard and add the tags.

The above advice will be good for you as a designer and also the OSWD community as a whole. Put it into practice and you will see some amazing results.

Thank you again for your support. Here’s to the next 500 submissions on Get Free Web Designs :bakie:

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