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Over the past few weeks I’ve been receiving requests from various site users and also designers asking about advertising opportunities on Get Free Web Designs, so I wanted to test the waters by placing a 125×125 pixel banner on the site and see what sort of feedback I get from our blog readers and our open source web designers.

Currently the only 125×125 pixel banner on the site is an affiliate link which is in the right side bar of the site.

For those interested in some site stats, GFWD’s is currently a Google Page Rank 5 (PR5) with an Alexa ranking of 81,766 (and it’s improving daily).

Site traffic: For the month of March 2009 we received 9,360 visitors to the site which averages out to 312 per day which isn’t bad for the site only being public for a couple months.

As of this post, we have had 6,266 visitors and we still have approximately 2 weeks left in the month and of course the site traffic and exposure is building every day.

Here are my current thoughts for ad space on GFWD’s… I’m thinking of limiting the available slots to only 8 with a price of $30.00 USD per month and if people pay 3 months in advance, they would get a price break of $20.00 USD per month, so it’s like buying 2 months and getting 1 for free.

This is still a work in progress, but please share any thoughts you might have or if you have some interest in placing a 125×125 pixel banner on the site, get into contact for more information.

After you’re done reading this blog post, be sure to check out our awesome collection of Free XHTML and CSS based web designs. We currently have over 350 designs to choose from and more are submitted every day.

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